Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gary Green Jasper a.k.a. Larsonite – Green Petrified Bogwood from near McDermitt on the Oregon/Nevada Border - Rockhounding Oregon

Called Gary Green Jasper, Larsonite or McDermitt Green Jasper, depending on who you ask, is a petrified bogwood or swamp bog, where the wood, canes and cattails and creatures living in the bog were all petrified in a Miocene age volcanic event between 11 million and 14 million years ago, a snapshot in time of the algae, fallen trees, vegetation, swamp critters and other swampy things that were happening when this bog was covered by falling ash.
The teal to lime green color of the material is caused by a combination of iron, aluminium, potassium, sodium and calcium. 
The picture above was from a fresh slabbed piece of Gary Green Jasper. What an amazing piece of green petrified wood!


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    1. Happy to see you working with Larsonite, Raymond Larson is my father, I was with him when first found the Larsonite.
      H also had Disaster Peak picture rock.

      Gary Larso

  3. Hey Gary , would be interested in talking private with you. maybe send me a email. address is: Im hoping to spend some time there between now and Christmas, wouldd like to hear from you soon.

  4. Why is it called jasper if it is not quartz jasper. seems very misleading. Now I am wondering; Is picasso jasper actually jasper? Zebra? Cherry creek? Unakite? Mookite? What the heck? Makes no sense to me.....

  5. Yes. Many "jaspers" are not jaspers. It's often a trade name, not a mineralogical name. Drives people who try to keep accurate track of this sort of stuff crazy.

    At least it is silicon dioxide, in most cases, just not a true jasper. Jade is far worse when it come to simulants.

  6. Is Bogwood light in weight for its size?! I acquired some pieces from a California gentleman that recently passed away. The green/tan pieces I have do resemble Bogwood from McDermitt, Oregon. But they are very lightweight compared to Arizona wood or Madagascar Wood for example. The don't look "jaspery" either, they look "dry" not real sure they'd take a polish. But I'm big on Locations, so I'd like to start with the weight to see if I'm on track with the Locality. Thanks in advance!!