Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Haystack Butte Jasper - Jellybean Jasper - Easter Oregon Picture Jasper - Rockhounding Oregon

Haystack Butte Jasper also referred to as Jellybean Jasper, from Eastern Oregon, is a hard jasper which takes a great polish. You can find Haystack Butte Jasper to the West of the Owyhee Reservoir, in Malheur County, Oregon on a hillside adjacent to the butte itself. The road to Haystack Butte is pure hell and can high center even the best 4x4 vehicle. Proceed with caution if you go after this elusive gem!

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  1. Hey I found a huge jasper mine and have hundreds of pounds of raw red and green jasper. I'm trying to get info on what I found. Can someone message me at @ninnymuggins86@gmail.com please I have pics of them. Some are over 100 pounds and super bright in color